Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok, clearly this isn't working

Employment picked up and I lost my will to wonder on the Internet. (Those around me may wish I'd lost my will to wonder out loud.)

I do want to start a food blog, even more for my own edification. Recipes I've tried, changes I'd make, things I want to remember, things I want to never try again.

To start with: the delectable Mulled Wine Cranberry Sauce I made for Thanksgiving. (Follow the link for the detailed recipe.) This was a definite winner, cooked a night ahead, served on 11-26.

Changes I made:
-Use tawny port instead of red wine.
-Cut the orange slices into 1/3s (smaller chunks, I held out some orange slices to taste).
-It takes closer to ~40mins to burst all of the cranberries. Don't worry about the last few berries.

Changes I would have made:
-A little more brown sugar, it came out slightly too tart.

Pictures to come. Probably another location for this blog too.


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